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TEIC INTERNATIONAL S.A. a full-service import/export company and private label specialist, focused on sourcing TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS with TOP QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE! We were established to meet the needs of an ever-growing and changing international market place.


Helmed by experts based in the U.S. and Panama, one of the most important hubs for international trade transactions, we boast over 40 years of international paper experience. TEIC International handles all the logistics and intricacies of sourcing paper from our international network of paper mills for export to Central and Latin America, the Middle East, Greece and North America…and we are expanding to many countries all over the globe.


For clients interested in our private label and brand design services, we can supply our overseas and domestic clients with first-class branding, print and packaging services for paper products procured internationally. We can arrange paper, printing and packaging in the U.S. for delivery to Europe, Africa, Indonesia, Latin America and the Middle East.


TEIC International speaks the diverse languages of paper product acquisition and distribution, both literally and figuratively. We deal directly with manufacturers and end users, which results in prices that are consistently better than the competition. As a result of having a face-to-face working relationship with manufacturers and end users, there is no broker involvement…ever.


Our “logistical” services will take the headache out of delivery. We offer F.O.B. pricing at port in the country a product is produced, or C.F.R. to the client’s desired port…as well as directly to client’s door. Whatever choice our clients prefer, TEIC International will ensure ease of shipping. We also deal directly with the steamship companies, which helps to achieve the best freight rate in the marketplace.

We cover your paper like no other global solutions provider, no matter which direction it’s headed. TEIC International does business the way that it is supposed to be done: with FIRST-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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