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We are glad you chose to source your paper products with TEIC International. Although the importance of sourcing high-quality product is a given, you know that the job doesn’t stop there. You are focusing on a marketing plan, customer service plan and a way to make a profit. Our private label services will give you the time and space you need to work on developing your, or your company’s, overall business plan. When you private label one or more of our products, we take over the tasks of branding, logo creation and packaging design. In other words, you get to focus on the “business” side of your business.


Branding & Design - Your product needs to "sell itself" on the store shelves, and that’s where our in-house, on-site branding and design specialists come in. TEIC International can assist you with the customized development of your very own brand and unique package design. We assist at the factory level to create printing plates, pre-printed packaging and more, in order to offer you a full-scale, customized manufacturing process.


The Benefits of Private Labeling Our Products


Private label products are, and will continue to be, a formidable threat to branded manufacturers. Branded manufacturers will need to enhance innovation and focus on the way they market their products as they compete for shelf space next to private label products. Retailers will continue to increase their proportion of private label products as a means to improve profitability and enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.


TEIC International will:


 • Make things easy. We will supply the product in a customized package, or modify our package, to the client’s specifications. We can also offer: training to the client's salespeople, website design and development, custom displays and more.

 • Provide top-notch service. We supply marketing support, such as attending trade shows, doing publicity releases, actively managing client websites or creating ads, brochures or any other type of print material.

 • Pay attention to your product's packaging. The design and packaging of a product is important to us. We guarantee that when our private label clients see the product, they will immediately realize its benefits. We have the best designers in the business and we take the time to package the product so it sells itself.

 • Understand the competition. We know our clients want private-label products primarily for competitive reasons. To sell the concept effectively, we research our client’s competitors and aim to determine how the product can improve the client's position.

Private Label & Branding Services

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